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I was going to try to get out of the airport and see some of the city, but you apparently have to ask permission from your flight company. The rep wouldn't be in at the counter until 10:30am, and I decided I was just too tired to go anywhere anyways. So I found a lonely bench, and parked it.

Got up later to grab a bowl of Ramen, which was ok, but nothing earthshaking. And now I wait. For another 3 hours until I can board.

Found a little gift shop, and was able to grab a few last minute gifts. Hahaha found a sake/shot glass that has a woman in a black Kimono that when the glass gets hot....she gets naked ad the kimono fades away! hahahaha so yea, I got a few for some of the guys I know!

I'm almost home and I'm getting pretty darn excited about it.

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