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One more stop that doesn't show up on the map. Just a little camp a few k's east of Fort Frances.

July 22 – Day 30 – Caliper Lake Provincial Park – Taylor Cove Provincial Park on Rainy Lake

K’s 131.80k

Time 5h 6m

Average speed: 25.82 k/H

T to d 3062 k

The day started out just fine but about 30 k out a hornet decided I was just too comfortable on the bike and decided to fly into my jersey. Dam thing stung me once real good, if that is the right description but it did hurt like H. Then the little bugger dropped down to my pant line and got me again, twice the little monster. You have no idea how the can set you back when you are riding at 30 or so k/h and a little hornet decides it should see if it can distract you. Believe me those little monsters can really put a crimp in you program. And crimp the program for a few days too!!!!

OK, no whining about bees. Just get on with the ride which was a good one as we passed through Fort Francis where we had excellent lunch break and a fairly easy ride to camp at Taylor Cove, a neat little camp site. A pretty good day on the bikes

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