Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Our campsite at Lazy Acres RV Park

Tennessee sunset over the Ti

Lock on the Clinch River

Bill and his mode of transportation - a reclining bike

Zipping down the highway

Large impeller that turns turbines in dam to generate electricity

Clinch River power plant

Fishing below the dam

Looks like a puppy's nose

Kudzo vine climbing the tower. Looks like it's wearing fuzzy chaps.

8/4/11 – Left at 9:30 on an overcast day. Easy drive along I-40. Added another name to my "weird name" collection ... the Frozen Head State Park (I can just imagine how they came up with THAT name!)

Into the Lazy Acres RV Park around 12:15. There are a lot of contractors living here. Evidently this area had a huge hail storm in March or April and a lot of roofs were badly damaged so these guys came to the area (some with their families) to work. I think that's what's going to be happening more and more...people driving throughout the country, following the work in their RVs. Actually, it's not a bad idea and when the going gets tough, you do what you gotta' do (oh, and the tough get going, LOL).

8/5/11 – My mom and dad moved to Tennessee when I was a freshman in college (a loooong time ago!) They first rented a house in Oak Ridge because Daddy worked at the Y12 plant. About 2 years later, they bought a nice house right on the Clinch River in Kingston. So, anyway, Bob and I drove to Kingston today to see their old house. WOW! I didn't even recognize it. I asked some landscapers working on a house up the road if the street we were on was the only such named street. They said it was the only one. So then we did some snooping around the house (it was empty and is for sale) and yes, I did see certain things that made me sure it was their old house. The old saying "You can never go home" is so true after a certain number of years 'cause "home" (meaning towns, houses, surroundings) change. So...if anyone wants a 4 bedroom ranch with granite counters, stainless steel appliances, 3-car garage, pool and hot tub on 233 ft of the Clinch River, give me a call. Asking price is $439,900 but I'm sure the owners will accept less!

We ate lunch at Good Eats in Lenoir City then I dropped Bob at the library so he could get some internet time. I was going to do some geocaching but the ones I checked were way in the woods and I don’t “do” woods in this heat. Although it’s only 96*, the humidity is 90% which is way above my comfort level. I was really looking for some easy ‘grab and go’ caches. Oh well.

8/6/11 – Didn’t do much of anything. It’s been a bit stressful around here lately and has really affected me. Took a nice early evening nap…until 9 p.m.! Guess I won’t be sleeping much tonight, LOL. Made Bob some more calling cards. I guess that’s about it.

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