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Mama waiting for the feast

Julia revealing the 17lb bird

Jacob trying on new winter coat

Our little man loves to be outside

Laurie & Ron in the background?their best side?LOL

Post dinner nap

Jacob loves Ely!

Carolina tobacco drying


Nothin' better than Carolina barbecue

We are thankful for our family and friends who have supported us during this temporary medical journey. Caring is the spirit of America. It is our wish each of you stopped to inventory just how much good there is within your lives.

Julia and Laurie prepared a traditional, bountiful Thanksgiving feast. Need I say more. Even four days post infusion the food was appealing to me. There is alot of time and effort invested in a family dinner; 20 minutes later we are moaning and groaning like pigs wallering in a mud hole. Don't forget Smithfield Hams is near-by! Unfortunately, those pigs don't experience the luxury of wallering-ha! Our left-over ziploc contained enough food for another good lunch today.

Off we go to the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area in the Tracker. Mama can navigate entry and exit better than the big Dodge. Our assignment was to pick up Mama on our way into town. Very close to my sister's exit off I-40, we narrowly missed a head on collision. It is not good looking face to face with the other driver. An SUV over corrected in the left lane, clearing out three west bound lanes of traffic. None of us played bumper cars-just our hearts. Mama is certain a crash was avoided because of Corky's driving skills. Thank you Corky-man!!!! While on the other hand, I couldn't help but think "this cancer is NOT gonna kill me and certainly, I will not die in a car wreck". After arriving, Mama looked at me with a funny little smile saying,"I'm glad I brought a extra pair of underwear". You gotta love her.

The return trip home was less adventuresome-a quick visit with Jacob and we were off. Heading northeast on 501, turning east on 158 in Oxford, onto I-85, finally taking 58 to Suffolk. Picturesque, country, slow paced and Carolina barbecue for a late lunch. This barbecue has a spicy vinegar sauce and oh, soooooo tasty. Hey,Quartzsite, how 'bout I prepare some next season?

Tomorrow is THE day. I'll be drinking contrast tonight in order to have a CAT scan for progress. Keep your fingers crossed, prayers going north, and any other good will act that works.

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