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This was a free day. However, the staff decided to have a pot luck pancake breakfast. They supplied the pancakes and coffee and we all brought “stuff” like fruit or sausages or casseroles, etc. As if that were not enough, we also brought 2 eggs for Eggs-in-a-Bag. I guess that if you were a Girl Scout you knew what that was all about. I had no clue. It turns out that you put your two eggs [out of the shells] into a ZipLock bag and add chopped peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, olives, etc. [You have to save the cheese for after it is cooked.] Then you kneed the bag to evenly distribute the ingredients and drop it into a pot of boiling water. About 8 minutes later you grab the bag and plop out your finished omelet. It was a fun experience, but not one that I would adopt for life. All-in-all, we had way too much food.

After breakfast we unhooked and headed toward the city. Our first quest was for propane. Evelyn asked in the office where we could but it. They told her to go back to the highway and head back toward the North Pole. There was supposed to be a service station in a few miles that had propane. Well we tried. We drove about 10 miles out and back without finding such a place. WE had passed a station a couple of miles from the park so we decided to go back and try there. They had propane but he could not connect his hose to my tank. He told us about a place in town and gave us directions. We found this place and filled up.

Our next quest was for groceries. I had spotted a Safeway the day before, so gave Dingy the coordinates and we headed there. We never found Safeway but we did find Fred Meyers. His stores are a lot like WalMart superstores. While Evelyn shopped for groceries I went looking for some PMs. This time I found multiple varieties on the shelf. I also bought wine - $23.60 for a 5 liter box which costs about $8.95 in Santa Barbara. Fred Meyers also had a gas station on the property with good prices, so we filled up there.

Evelyn had made us a window screen for a front window in the van as an experiment. We have found it very useful in the land of supersized mosquitos. Therefore we wanted to find more screening in order to cover the second front window in order to allow for cross ventilation. This turned into our third quest. We tried Fred Meyer, WalMart, and Home Depot before finding it at Lowe’s.

By this time we had had enough and we went back to the park. The rest of the day was taken up in chores and reading.

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