Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

Geese in Flight - Largest scrape metal sculpture in the World Weighs...

Small miniture birds in flight lining the drive

The Buck is 75' tall and 60' Long - Doe 50' tall...

Grasshopper, did not get a really good picture

Made out of tin, 70' Rainbow trout, also bass, walleye,salmon and bluegill

Pheasants, Rooster is 40'highx70'wide, took 3 years to complete, made out of...

Teddy Roosevelt Rides Again, 51' tall and weighs over 9000lbs, made out...

The Family, Built of used farm equipment, took farmers hours to weld,...

Ma is 44 feet tall, hair is made out of fence wire

Pa is 45' Tall and held up by 16 telephone poles

Son is a mere 23 feet tall

A beautiful farm field, not sure what is growing

Today was a nice slow start day. Up early but spent hours just doing nothing. And than we took off to drive the Enchanted Highway, this is a 32 mile drive that shows you how one man, Gary Greff, put his talent to constructive work. He has designed and fabricated very large works of art and installed them along the highway to encourage people to drive the Encanted Highway to Regent, North Dakota.

I have included pictures and details. I think it is amazing for someone to decide to do something like this and than follow thru with their ideas. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the drive.

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