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Our view from the front of the Mothership

A view of one row of the FULL campground

Port aux Basques to Gander 0 - our route

Port aux Basques to Gander 1

Port aux Basques to Gander 2

Port aux Basques to Gander 3

Port aux Basques to Gander 4

Port aux Basques to Gander 5

Port aux Basques to Gander 6 - gotta have construction if it's...

Port aux Basques to Gander 7 - not enoough soil to bury...

Port aux Basques to Gander 8

Port aux Basques to Gander 9

Port aux Basques to Gander 10 - bikers again but they better...

Port aux Basques to Gander 11

Port aux Basques to Gander 12

Port aux Basques to Gander 13 - Corner Brook, NL

Port aux Basques to Gander 14 - more of Corner Brook

Port aux Basques to Gander 15 - they even have a couple...

Port aux Basques to Gander 16

Port aux Basques to Gander 17 - notice the ski slopes

Port aux Basques to Gander 18

Port aux Basques to Gander 19

Port aux Basques to Gander 20

Port aux Basques to Gander 21

Port aux Basques to Gander 22

Port aux Basques to Gander 23

Port aux Basques to Gander 24 - Another moose for Doris -...

Port aux Basques to Gander 25 - this is what we refer...

Road to the Shore 0 - this was our route for this...

Road to the Shore 1 - the fireweed is still blooming alongside...

Road to the Shore 2

Road to the Shore 3

Road to the Shore 4

Road to the Shore 5 - some remains of a WW1 bomber...

Road to the Shore 6 - the Dover Fault

Road to the Shore 7 - scenes from the lookout 1

Road to the Shore 8 - scenes from the lookout 2

Road to the Shore 9 - scenes from the lookout 3

Road to the Shore 10 - scenes from the lookout 4

Road to the Shore 11 - scenes from the lookout 5 -...

Road to the Shore 12 - some of the blueberry bushes along...

Road to the Shore 13 - the real deal - Doris says...

Road to the Shore 14

Road to the Shore 15

Road to the Shore 16

Road to the Shore 17

Road to the Shore 18

Road to the Shore 19 - the remains of Banting's plane

Road to the Shore 20 - the replica they have built

Road to the Shore 21 - the granite memorial

Road to the Shore 22 - they use a lot of wood...

Road to the Shore 23 - when they run out of room...

Road to the Shore 24 - lots of firewood

Road to the Shore 25 - fishing boats in Musgrave Harbour

Road to the Shore 26 - some small, some large

Road to the Isles 0 - this is our route for this...

Road to the Isles 1

Road to the Isles 2

Road to the Isles 3

Road to the Isles 4

Road to the Isles 5 - I didn't know Purcell was on...

Road to the Isles 6 - Twillingate

Road to the Isles 7 - pretty house in Twillingate

Road to the Isles 5

Road to the Isles 9 - from the Twillingate lookout just north...

Road to the Isles 10 - some more looking out from the...

Road to the Isles 11 - you can also see icebergs here...

Road to the Isles 12 - the Twillingate lighthouse nearby

Road to the Isles 13 - coming down from Twillingate

Road to the Isles 14

Road to the Isles 15

Road to the Isles 16

Road to the Isles 17

Road to the Isles 18

Road to the Isles 19

Road to the Isles 20

Road to the Isles 21

Road to the Isles 22

Road to the Isles 23 - Doris said it looked like a...

Road to the Isles 24

Road to the Isles 25

Road to the Isles 26

Our trip Saturday from Port aux Basques took us 333 miles to Gander, NL. When we got to Deer Lake, our original destination, we decided to go on to the second destination, Grand Falls-Windsor, since we still felt good and the road was much better than we had feared. When we got to Grand Falls-Windsor, we stopped at our intended campground, Sanger Memorial RV Park, and found a NO VACANCY sign up. We were startled to say the least, not expecting the need to make reservations this late in the season with the caravans already West of this point. We decided to go to Gander, about another hour, and when we got to the campground there, it was also full. I asked what was going on, besides it being a Saturday, and was told there was some kind of athletic event in the area and everyone was full up. She was real nice though and said she had an overflow area next to a utility shed and the playground where I could plug into 15 amps. She said a normal, full hookup sight would be available for Sunday and Monday, so we took it. Turns out the playground isn't used much and the view through our windshield is great. Doris keeps expecting a moose to saunter down to the lake! We have good cell service and the best WiFi we have had to date. We decided to spend Sunday and Monday night in the same spot, we have plenty of water, empty tanks, and the price is half of the full hookup. I love it when a plan comes together!!

We had planned to only spend one night at each stop on this quick trip to Eastern Newfoundland but had planned to spend three nights in Gander on the way back so we decided to go ahead and do what we had planned to do on those three days on the way back across. Between driving that far the first day and doing this in Gander now, that will give us three extra days to play with when we visit other areas and find we need more time.

Sunday we went on the 175 mile Road to the Shore loop around the peninsula directly North of Gander. It is a coastal drive about half of the way and turned out to be a beautiful, leisurely way to spend a Sunday. There were two specific places we wanted to stop during the drive: the Dover Fault Interpretive Center in Dover and the Banting Memorial Interpretive Center in Musgrave Harbour.

Our first stop in Dover found the Interpretive Center closed. We had heard this was a frequent occurrence so we weren't surprised. The trail up to the fault lookout is well marked and we went on to the lookout. This is the highest point in the area and afforded us some tremendous views of the area for 360 degrees. The fault that runs through Dover is the result of two earth masses (what is now Eastern and Western Newfoundland was once (490 million years ago) separated by an ocean that gradually came together. You can't actually see the fault line as we expected but a diagram show you where it is and how it runs through the small town - not very significant, but Dover's claim to fame none the less. Best of all there were wild blueberry bushes on the trail and we picked a couple of handfuls -Doris said they were great!

We then went on up the peninsula and enjoyed the coastal scenery. We got to the Banting Memorial Municipal Park about noon and believe or not, the Interpretive Center was closed! Sir Frederick Banting, co-discover of insulin, died in a plane crash just outside Musgrave Harbour, over 60 years ago. For some reason the town has erected this memorial to him even though he had no association with the town other than crashing there? There is a short boardwalk around back that took us to a replica of the plane he was flying in when it crashed, a granite Memorial to him and also the remains of the actual plane he was in. We thought perhaps they had closed for lunch so we went back to Libby and had our own picnic. They never did open up so we continued on our journey ..

Monday we continued our tour of the Kittiwake Coast by driving the Road to the Isles around another peninsula. This loop wound up taking us 204 miles by the time we added a couple of side trips to Toogood Arm and Port Albert. The highlight was Twillingate which is popular for seeing icebergs and whales off the coast. It is not only far north it is also a climb to the top of a small mountain where you finally reach the cliffs and can see forever. Luckily today had good weather and it was really enjoyable even if a little hazy on the horizon. But, alas, we saw no whales or icebergs. It is the time for whales but late in the year for icebergs though they have been seen in late August before.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we head for a campground located just outside Terra Nova National Park. The forecast calls for rain the next two days so we don't know how much hiking we will be able to get in.

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