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So this weekend I eventually managed to see a bit of Guatemala! Jo flew off to Nicaragua on Fri night and so me and Judi got a bus to Rio Dulce on the Caribbean side of Guate. The bus journey involved a very nice shuttle to Guat city and then a not very nice bus from Guat City to Rio Dulce. The bus was one up from a chicken bus! The lady next to me had 2 manky budgies in a cage and there was a lady breastfeeding what looked like a 5 year old all the way!! Now this is probably normal in these countries but it looked a bit bizarre to me !! Anyway, we arrived in Rio Dulce at about 1015pm and called the hotel we were staying at. A boat arrived to take us to the Hotel, which was hidden up a little tributary of the river, in the trees. It was nice and very cheap but a bit noisy and there was no air con, which in what felt like 100% humidity and about 30 degrees at nighttime was a bit of a bugger! So next morning we checked in at the much more expensive Hotel Catamaran where we had a lovely cabin on stilts on the river, complete with our own verandah and aircon and fans. Bliss! So were all ready to spend the afternoon sunning ourselves on the deck, with a book, and taking advantage of our welcome cocktail (yes, it was a bit posh) when Judi's mobile rings. It was Hugo, a friend from Antigua. Him and his friend Bobby had driven to find us in Rio Dulce and arrived at 8am , and were looking for us!!! At this point I should tell you that we hadnt seen Hugo for 2 weeks as i had been to Costa Rica and then he had a job in the city working for Bobby, so was not in Antigua. He was obviously very keen to see me for some reason unknown to me!! So we ended up getting a boat back to town and meeting them for drinks and dinner, ending up in a bar at their hotel. Me and Judi mangaged to get away and on a boat back to luxury at about 2am. The boys left next morning!! The boys in Guatemala seriously like us western ladies, so it seems, and why not ?!! It was all very funny. Next day, me and Judi were very lazy due to the considerable heat making it impossible to move without breaking into a sweat!! On Monday however, we hired a man with boat to take us up the river to Livingston, a town on the coast. It was a beautiful boat ride. livingston is a bit of a dodgy town by all accounts and there's not much to do there, so we had a wander round and then sat down for a drink. It was here that we got accosted by big black lady offering to braid our hair. she wouldnt accept no for an answer so I let her do 1 braid on my hair which turned in about 20. EEEEK !! I HATE braided hair so i promptly out my bandana back on. Judi was then coerced into having her hair done and she didnt get away so lightly, ending up with a full head of corn rows. She put her hat on!!! So we escaped Livingston and headed back to Rio Dulce in our little boat, then managed to get on a nice coach back to Guate City. From here, we got on a chicken bus back to Antigua. Hopefully, I will never get on a chicken bus again. I have never seen so many people on one bus before in my life!!! But hey, it only cost 50p for an hours journey, compared to about 5 quid for the nice shuttle car!! Back home, swift removal of braids after much laughter from Jo, and out for a few bevvies and dinner just to get back into the Antigua lifestyle again!!

Today, I discovered the Artisan Market (yes, I know I have been here forever!!) which has many, many nice things to fill up my rucksack so I will be mostly spending Mr Visa's money here in my last couple of days, as well as in the nice bars!

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