2009 Vince & Sue's Excellent Adventure travel blog

North Dakota Badlands

Little Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit

Sue Looking Through a Hole in the Rock

Petrified Tree Stump

Camp in South Unit

Scoria Formed From Fires in Coal Seams

Buffalo in Camp

Wild horses

Buffalo Across Little Missouri River

Buffalo Crossing the River


We set up camp in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park located near Medora, ND. There is also a North Unit located about 60 miles north. We’ll be headed up there on Monday. As with other national parks, it has no hook-ups for electric, water, or sewer so you’ve got to dry camp. Dry camping is using the on board waste tanks, on board water, and using the generator for electricity (only allowed between 0800 and 2000). It’s kind of like camping in the Walmart parking lot, but with a lot better scenery.

Teddy Roosevelt came to this part of North Dakota in 1883 to hunt buffalo and left a cattle rancher. He owned 2 ranches in the area until about 1886 when most of the cattle were killed by a rough winter. He was so impressed with the beauty of the country and concerned with how the country was managing or not managing these areas. When he became president in the early 1900’s he pushed Congress to establish the first national parks and monuments. This area was set aside in 1947 as a national park. It’s the North Dakota badlands, similar to the terrain in the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, but a little greener. Wild life sightings included buffalo, in our camp, wild horses, mule deer, and a few pronghorn.

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