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Enjoying lunch with Jeff and Ian

Our bungalow in Buzios

We took the bus to Buzios with Jeff and Ian. They were staying at Marta´s apartment with us, and were from San Francisco. Ian had done the prework in finding a place in Buzios so we just tagged along !!!

The bus took 5 hours (half of which was picking people up in Rio !!!) and we arrived at La Mandragora (our hotel) mid afternoon. After an initial mix up when we were allocated a rather crap room ! we settled in to our bungalow which overlooked the pool and was much nicer. We had a look around the town and had a bite to eat in town. We then had drinks back at the guys bungalow. We listened to some music including a few songs by their band, (The) Fuzz (or is it soul cheese now ?!!). They then head out to hit the town and we went to bed around midnight as Monica wanted to be sober for her first dive in three years.

The next day Monica and Ian went diving and Nick and Jeff went surfing at Geriba beach.


Ian was a good teacher and Nick was standing on the board by the end of the first day. It is harder than Nick thought it would be and by the end of the day he was knackered.


As the weather was not too good the initial dive site was abandoned and the dive boat headed off to a standard snorkelling location off Buzios. The first dive Monica and Ian and a.n.other were going to go down but as Monica did not have enough weights she struggled and had to get some more. Ian and the other guy carried on their dive and Monica tagged along with some first time divers. The second dive Monica joined a pair of experienced divers and had a much better experience. The coolest thing she saw was a big puffer fish fully inflated !

In the evening we went for a meal at a place called David´s. The food was plentiful and fairly cheap as well. It was also good quality and we had lots of meat. We then carried on drinking in a bar called Ta ka Ta ka. It was a bizarre place and the owner was very strange. There were serviettes and pictures hanging everywhere and candles all around (bit of a fire hazard !). The music was good, but the drinks were expensive. Every time someone came in who the owner did not like he would turn off the music and shout abuse at them until they left !!! After a couple of drinks we left and tried a Jazz place but the Jazz had finished.

The next day we all headed to the surfing beach and hired three boards between the four of us. Jeff taught Monica while Nick tried to improve. By the end we were pretty much both at the same standard ! We returned to the apartments as the rain started and relaxed. After a sleep we headed out to town and did a bit of shopping (cool shades Ian !!). We went to a Thai restaurant called Sawasdee and it was excellent. We had been craving Thai food for a while and this hit the spot. To top it all off Ian and Jeff insisted on picking up the bill (Mucho Obrigado guys !). We then picked up some beer and wine and drank back at the bungalows whilst listening to some music.

The bus back was full, so we had to get a car to take us back to Rio. Ian and Jeff dropped us at the Rodavario (bus station) and we said our goodbyes. Unfortunately, the next bus out was not until midnight and it was only about 2pm ! So we checked our bags in and took a bus back to Copacabana to visit Marta and John. They were very surprised to see us (but glad !!), as were Ian and Jeff ! We sat and had wine, beers, cheese, salami and bread before Ian and Jeff had to leave. Again we said our goodbyes ! and then had some of John´s chicken and vegetable soup. It was delicious ! At about 10pm we said our goodbyes to Marta and John and headed to the bus station.

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