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In Whangaroa harbor

Sunset in Mangonui

For the three day weekend (it was “Northland Day” on Monday), we went camping with some friends. This camping was otherwise called Kiwi Bootcamp. Has anyone done a pub crawl on a boat before? Yeah, that’s the kind of weekend it was!

On Saturday morning Mike and the boys were up at 5am to go fishing (they caught a few Snapper). The girls hiked into the bay to meet the boat. From there we went to three pubs to relax and enjoy the view. The beer was nice cold too!

I’m not sure I’ve played 9 holes of golf all at once before. I definitely ahven’t kept score. Would 77 take the J Cup? That’s 77 for 9 holes, not 18. After the 9 holes (it took the seven of us 4 ½ hours!), the boys finished 18 holes and the girls went geo caching. Geo caching is extremely awesome. You go to a website (not sure what the site is or I would give it a plug) and put in what area you’ll be in and it comes up with all these coordinates were there are little treasures hidden. Then you put the coordinates into you GPS and go there and find the treasure. These aren’t just on the side of the road or in a McDonald’s parking lot, they’re hidden at great look out points or unquie points of interest. The third one we went for was down a steep bank and I almost took the shortcut and slipped into some bushes on the side of the trail.

Note: Did anyone notice the British spelling of harbour? That’s just my spell check. This is Mike’s work computer.

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