Panama to Alaska 2008 travel blog

Angela Hampson and Roger Carey at the lunch stop by the lagoon

A typical not very exciting road with the Carey's Aston Martin

Outside the hotel at Tulum

19th May 2008 Belize City to Tulum

We have spent two days in a beach resort. We did all the things you would expect as well as some admin and getting the rally reports and the photos up to date. The highlight for me was seeing turtles when we were snorkelling. There were also sharks (not great white) and rays. I have seen prettier coral and fish but it was good to see so many of the larger ones this time.

As usual we had breakfast as soon as the dining room opened in order to make a move early as we had another border crossing today. In the event it was not difficult but there was only one window open to process all of us. Since it took about 7 minutes per car and there were 19 cars... I leave you to do the sums. Robin thought that I should have saved him a place in the queue. It didn’t seem right somehow. We weren’t the last.

A French lady from the tourist authority was most interested in where we were going to eat lunch and recommended a place next to a cenote (well) a short distance into Mexico. In the event only Rick (our leader) and Diana found it as the directions were not complete and they travelled with the French lady. The rest of us found a nice enough place next to a lagoon where Robin enjoyed a swim while we waited for the leisurely service to deliver something to eat.

The roads were not exciting. There were very few settlements to provide interest in the long straight flat road flanked by unexciting undergrowth. Every so often we would see one of the spectacular flame trees which have been a feature of the journey.

In the evening we arrived at our hotel which would not look out of place at Disney. It was all painted white and was full of honeymoon couples. In fact there was a wedding going on on the beach when we arrived. It looked as if all the tables were going to be blown away. We swam in the sea and the pool and ate in the French restaurant. The food was good but the imagination needed to be used to reconcile the items on the plate with the descriptions on the menu!

Hard work driving in the heat but Robin’s hard work in the car park in Belize City cleaning the radiator seems to have made a big difference to our overheating problems so we had a whole day without the heating on. Since the outside temperature was over 40C I was very glad!

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