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Daytime moon on the way to Bryce Canyon

In the Ampitheatre, Bryce Canyon

Pretty much the view from our campsite

Erica on the Fairyland Trail

Bryce Trail

Ampitheatre walls

Nice Trails


Old truck

This bird was imitating electronic car locks

Bryce Ampitheatre, the main walking area

Part of view from Sunset Point

Crowd of hoodoos

"Wall of Windows"

Me on trail!

Peek-a-boo trail

Bristlecone - there is a 4,600 year old one in California, the...

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WARNING - Big File! The Ampitheatre from Bryce Point

A Prodigy reference. A nice night's sleep and a good buffet breakfast surrounded by signed pics of famous actors who stayed here, including a younger Lee Van Cleef, Omar Shariff, John Wayne, etc, etc. And now back to camping! Why?!

So we drove to Bryce Canyon, through some pretty stunning scenery, quite the business round here. After setting up camp we had a five hour hike in Bryce Canyon and a drive along the side, visiting all the viewpoints and the huge views for many, many miles over fab wilderness. Luckily the worsening weather didn't turn to rain (yet), but it is bloody cold now, partly as we are nearly 9,000 feet up. Still, Bryce is absolutely brilliant. It is basically a large area of sandstone hoodoos, that is, wierd shaped pillars, in this case multi-coloured; pink, yellow, orange, red - all very beautiful, even a bit surreal and magical. There are lovely trails winding amongst and over the hoodoos too. All in all a definite must-visit if you are in the area.

And now it is evening, and I sit in my car wearing a lot of clothes to keep warm, typing on my new laptop and piggy-backing the wi-fi from one of the stores here. Such is the life of the 21st. century hiker.


That was frankly a really grim night. It was very cold indeed, below freezing, unseasonal apparently, though nothing unpleasant about camping can suprise me. Anyway, after recovering from that, we had another four hour hike in the Canyon, as fabulous as yesterday's. This is such an incredible place! It is hard to edit down to just the best pics.

A difference between trails in the USA and the UK: In the UK we have many steep bits, like stairs sometimes, or worse. In the USA they tend to try to make these bits switchbacks, like roads do, going back and forth up the hill. It might look unnatural, but it sure makes for easier walking.

And then this afternoon we drove to Zion Canyon, where we actually are now. Even the approach road was amazing, and I am really lookoing forward to the hikes of the next couple of days. Zion seems like a sort of red version of Yosemite so far, vast and awe-inspiring, and very pretty too. Tonight, thank god, we are in a motel again. Before yet more camping, no doubt.

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