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The travertines, shelves of calcium deposits that run down the side of...

About as close as we'll get to snow for a few more...

The battle of the sandal tans.

The ancient agora at Hieropolis - one of our favourite ancient sites...

The gate of Hieropolis

The less-touristy (OK, almost-entirely-devoid-of-tourist-y) way back from Hieropolis to our pension, around...

One final photo of the travertines. Update on stomach - at this...

We survived our second overnight bus ride. This time there were no machine guns! At 5:00 am we were warmly greeted by Mehmet of the Melrose Allgau pension who drove us 20 minutes to our new rooms and got us settled in. The Melrose Allgau pension was a great stop, and we feel compelled to mention that the Lonely Planet guide was incorrect. They were not a Turkish-German family; they spoke German, along with English. This has been a source of confusion (and dropped reservations) for them. This has reminded us that Lonely Planet is not infallible.

We spent the day exploring the travertines and Hierapolis - please note that our spelling of Hierapolis is pretty varied. We also spent the day nursing Nick's stomach back to health - this was really the final remnant of the bad food from Goreme.

This is also where we first met "the two Canadian guys". We chatted about our travel plans and discovered we would be seeing the same sights but at different times. We did not expect to run into them at a musem at our next stop in Selcuk. What was stranger was seeing them from the window of the tram in Istanbul 10 days later - us being on the tram, them walking along one of the main roads. Yet again we saw them 2 nights later as we were running down the street trying to get out of the rain in the hostel district of Istanbul. We now expect that we will bump into them - pretty much anywhere over the next year. In fact I would not be surprised if we see them some day in Toronto when visiting the many Glustiens.

From here we visited Selcuk where we met up with the "Calgary girls" Melisa and Erica, our Thanksgiving friends. We will finally took in Ephesus!

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