Mexico Bound - Winter 2007 travel blog

Where's the beef?

When we left home it was 45º and sunny. We have driven four days and it is 45º and rainy. What's wrong with this picture? We shouldn't complain. When we have to be in the truck, the temps don't matter much as long as ice is not forming on the road. As the wind has changed to the north our gas mileage has improved 2mph as it pushes us toward our goal. A gust blew me through the door of the campground office here and the proprietor thought that I grimaced because of the traffic. We were fortunate to come through Dallas on a Saturday morning and the traffic was heavy in Austin, but when you live in metro Chicago, bad traffic is the norm not the exception. However, I was not expecting to be wearing my winter parka at this point in the trip.

Careful readers of our travel adventures might remember that we have stopped here once before. Could that be because 200 outlet stores are located in this town about two miles from our campground? We were delighted to find a portable grill to replace the $20 special we had purchased at Walgreen's a few years ago. It was getting rickety and on those rare occastions when Ken gets to have meat, he wants to do a top notch grilling job. Here's hoping that tomorrow night it will be warm enough for him to feel like using it....

As soon as we arrived in Texas we were reminded how confusing we find the layout of roads here. Expressways inevitably have frontage roads running alongside. It would appear that the philosophy of civil engineers here is, "Why pave eight lanes when you can pave twelve?" In some areas the west frontage road goes south while the east frontage road goes north. This can mean that when you spot a place you want to visit from the expressway, you must travel five miles south on the frontage road before you can turn around and travel back five miles north. In other areas the frontage roads on both sides of the expressway are two way. On the two mile drive from our campground to the outlet mall, the western frontage road goes from a two way road to one way. In some areas one can drive north or south on either side of the expressway. If I report our involvement in an accident some day soon, you will surely understand why.

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