Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Cliffs of Moher

People close to the edge

Cliffs in the clouds

The Burren

Dad with the waves crashing

Surfers inthe water

Randy Leprechaun Hostel

Conrad the tour guide singing karaoke

The randy leprechaun

There he is again

Woke up to pouring rain and it stayed like that the whole day pretty much. We drove through the Burren which is part of Ireland that is really rocky. We stopped at the Cliffs of Moher. This place is amazing! The cliffs are towering over the ocean down below. It was quite foggy and rainy so it wasn't as powerful as it could be.

We had lunch in a little surfer town which was cool. People were out in the freezing cold and rain surfing because there was good waves. We then made our way to Annascull where we are styaing the night at the Randy Leprechaun Hostel. There is a pub attached to the hostel so everyone ended up over there after dinner.

They put on Karaoke just for us. Jamie, one of the guys on our tour from Australia is a professional singer so when he got up to sing he blew us all away! He was really really good! They played a few country songs ont he karaoke so we got to do some two stepping. Mom and dad had a good time dancing.

After karaoke shut down the local men in the pub started singing irish pubs songs. Was really cool to hear!

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