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Nappanee craft fair

spreading joy

I swore after I retired that I would never get up in the dark again. Here we were at 5:30am towing our trailer into the bay where a technician labored mightily until 3pm installing our new suspension and new tires. Not exciting stuff, but as we lurched through the I-294 repairs on the way home, we were confident that we could take whatever the tollway authority could hurl our way.

Although the waiting room at the trailer suspension facility was as comfortable as your living room, after three days it got a bit tiresome, so we headed south to an arts and crafts fair in Nappanee. It was held in an area we had visited before, which features a restored Amish village. We arrived there as it opened and stood in a long line of cars. "Don't these people have jobs?" I wondered. After we walked around for a while, we noticed that the crowd was overwhelmingly women. Once again I have to give Ken credit for his patience in shopping for things that don't really interest him.

Tonight we are spending our last night at home for the next two months. I am appreciating my washing machine and the shower and the commodious closet space and looking forward to life on the road once again.

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