Anthony on the Gringo Trail 2005 travel blog

Main square in San Pedro with Andes behind

And last night was Christine's turn to snore, now the blokes have gone. I remembered my bus time wrong, so ended up bolting down my breakfast and running off to get my bus. I was quite sad to leave San Pedro, as it was definitely the kind of place you could hang around for ages. Felt a bit guilty leaving Christine on her own too, as it is her birthday tomorrow, but she seemed happy with her plans. Bit of a boring bus trip down to Santiago - Chile's capital, not least as it was 23 hours. It was all desert for several hours, though some of it was by the sea, and then I woke up to see the first clouds I have seen for some weeks! Noticeable that there is much less Indian blood in Chile, all looks like a sort of exotic Spain. Not much to say about Santiago itself, as I was only here about ten minutes in the bus station, though I expect to be back. Perhaps more then, or I may write something on recent Chilean political history for the young people. And on the way I lost the top of my contact lens container, as well as the second usb cable I lost, somewhere in the Salar.

Basically, I have been prevaricating about what to do continuously, but I did at least decide to get the right side of the Andes and a bit nearer Iguacu, so as soon as I got into Santiago about 8 this morning, I walked to the next door international bus terminal and took a bus to Mendoza in Argentina.

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