View of the Rhine River in Spay..

Last one!

We are absolutely in love with the town of Spay. The town has a special feel about it, the people are so friendly, we definitely picked the right place. Our apartment has a huge garden area where Sam and Grandpa can play ball, they also have a wonderful area for grilling and BBQ’s.

The local bakery is only a few minutes walk away, they have a special fresh bread delivery where they only charge 10 cents charge for each piece they deliver. We ordered a variety of six fresh rolls and had them delivered Monday for only $2.68. They lasted us for days. They hang the bread in a cloth basket on the door so the Magpies don’t take it. We saw a Magpie at a neighbors door this morning. He was squawking while trying to get into the bag.

They also have church bells that go off starting at seven in the morning and several times a day afterwards. We are also located only walking distance to the beautiful Rhine River. They have hotels and awesome outdoor restaurants lining the river. The restaurants are also very reasonable and the groceries are half the price of groceries in the US. We were totally shocked the first time we went shopping. We are finding it easy to stay within our budget while in Europe.

We are renting apartments from that are all monthly prices and very reasonable. The rent includes the electric, Wi-Fi Internet, Cable TV and everything you need for cooking etc. I am adding a few pictures of the area, my camera is acting up, I am having to use my phone for pictures, I am in learning mode, so please excuse the bad ones. We will be picking Sam and Vickie up at the airport on Thursday, they will be staying with us for three weeks. We can’t wait to start the exploring with them. Check back later for more from all over Europe.

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