"It's like deja vue

all over again" !

we've been gone for 5 weeks, but now back again.

while gone they've started dredging

the shipping channel, it's noisy

night and day.

Note: we don't see the crane arm dipping into the water... yet

there it is, but look at the size of the bucket, wow!

that's a lot of mud

This clam-shell crane is huge!

picking up the equivalent of at least 2 of our

pick ups worth of mud with each scoop !

Tug boat pulling an empty barge into place.

huge ships use the shipping channel

After a great nights sleep at the Golden Acres ranch, we awoke refreshed and invigorated. Now looking forward to a short drive to Mayport.

We came back to Naval Station Mayport after five weeks in Panama City Beach at that Naval base. We're here for just one week before moving up the coast. We'll be doing a couple clean-up & fix-up projects while here. In addition, to some golfing we'll get some walking and talking time.

They are dredging the shipping channel on this entrance of the St. Johns River, the work continues 24/7. Sometimes it gets kinda noisy. It's interesting to watch, though . There are two crane barges, each with a much larger barge for carrying the sand, silt, dirt and rocks, a tug that tows the barges out to sea for dumping and positioning them next to the working crane barges.

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