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We enjoyed another fine day today and I have several things to write about.

I fear that we are becoming more like our friends, Mike & Sandy, on travel days. They like to sleep in until they hear the knock on the door, only to find the RV Park owner informing them of the checkout time (Usually 12:00 noon). Then they hit the panic button to move on down the road on time.

Well, OK, they aren’t that bad, but they do not get in any hurry to get on the road. That is for sure.

So, when I find Marilyn & I not leaving the park until nearly 9:00 AM, when we would normally be on the road around 7:00, I begin to worry!

We pulled out of the High Plains Campground at Oakley right at 8:50 this morning, and found ourselves facing a 15 mph quartering headwind as we headed east on I-70.

Our fuel mileage was quite poor as we fought the headwind, managing to reach only 7.9 mpg by the time we pulled into the Deer Creek Valley RV Park in Topeka, Kansas right at 2:00 PM.

By 3:00 we were all set up and sitting outdoors with a cold drink.

We met a nice guy named Don, who stopped to chat with us as he passed by taking a walk. Later, we met our neighbors, Jim & Karen who are also from Topeka.

We hoped that Bernie & Tom would join us for dinner at the BBQ place just outside the entrance to the RV park but Tom was still busy so we put off our dinner together until tomorrow.

Marilyn & I decided to enjoy the BBQ anyway and walked over there about 20 minutes before they open for dinner, only to find 25 to 30 people already standing in line outside the door.

We decided to split a full rack of ribs as well as two sides. Baked Beans and another delicious dish called Cheesy Potatoes.

We sat at a table and the owner brought our order of ribs to us. He asked if we had eaten the ribs before and we told him “No” although we have been to his restaurant before.

He suggested that we taste the ribs which have only a dry rub and no sauce on them. Several sauces, which he also makes, were on the table if sauce is desired.

We both liked the ribs with a sauce added, but the ribs were great for sure. They were smoky and fall off the bone tender. The side dishes were also some of the best we’ve ever had. Those “cheesy potatoes were absolutely awesome, and the baked beans had a wonderful taste with brown sugar, onions, and some other delicious ingredients.

Everything was served piping hot so beware if you ever eat here. I put a fork full of those potatoes in my mouth and immediately did one of those dances where you breathe in and out really fast, trying to cool the food before the inside of your mouth blisters.

The owner dropped by our table again, to chat and ask us if we had tasted the turkey, brisket, and pulled pork. We told him “No” once again and he asked if we would allow him to bring us a sample of them. We told him that a man who had been sitting at the next table told us that he drives from Kansas City just for the smoked turkey here.

When the owner returned to our table he gave us a fairly large “take-out” box filled with turkey, pulled pork, and brisket.

This place is awesome and we really enjoyed our experience there. I highly recommend that you readers try this place if you find yourself here in Topeka when this place is open.

I have written a long journal entry today so I’ll quit and simply remind you dear readers that Life is Good!

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