Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Alderwood RV Resort - My Campsite

Alderwood RV Resort - Picnic Table Almost Touching my Step

Alderwood RV Resort - Tree Against RV

Alderwood RV Resort - Utility Hookups in the Bushes

Today we traveled back to the USA. We crossed the border at Eastport, Idaho. As usual, Barb was pulled aside to be questioned, but the guard here was much more pleasant than the others in the Northeast and didn’t detain her very long. That other Barbara E Jones with the police record would be on my ‘bad list’ but Barb is philosophical about it.

We arrived at the RV park around 2:00. After getting set up, the first item on my list was to see another doctor about my sore eye. I went to the Rockwood North Urgent Care Center, as suggested by the RV park manager. Again, nothing was found sticking to my eyelid, but Dr. Rotell could see rather deep scratches around my pupil. He referred me to an ophthalmologist and made an appointment for tomorrow morning at 8:15. Ugh! I’ll have to get up too early for my body’s liking!


Route: Hwy 95 S to Sandpoint, ID => Hwy 2 W to Spokane

Total Miles Driven: 180

Weather Conditions: Rainy and chilly

Road Conditions: Good

RV Park: Alderwood RV Resort, Mead, WA

Park Conditions: Lovely to look at. Spaces very narrow, with large bushes and small trees between the sites. Had to literally go into the bushes to get to the utility hookups! Free WiFi.

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