Sam getting our fresh bread this morning...

Sam, Vickie and Jerry in Luxembourg..

Sam, Vickie and Me...

Sam took the steps all the way down to this park...



Jerry checking out the phone booth...

It is a beautiful city..


Sam checking out the cool mimes..


This part of town reminded us of Italy...

Lunch at the Veneziano..

We saw more swans than we could count in the Mosel River...awesome!

Last one!

Update by Vickie:

It was a cool summer day at a high of 60 degrees. We caught up on a little sleep and decided to go into the little country of Luxembourg. It was a pretty drive through the Rhine River Valley. We also went several times on the Autobahn. We encouraged Pa to get the car moving. We giggled as we got up to 102 mph. People were STILL passing us. Luxembourg was a beautiful place with lovely architecture and high end shops like Cartier and Gucchi. The French candy stores and bakeries were beautiful.

We accidentally turned down a road in the city center and the police wanted us to stop. The street had recently been changed to an all bus street. Needless to say, our pockets were lighter by 74 Euros. We tried to shake it off and enjoy a Panini and pasta lunch on the square. It was delicious. We explored areas around the Mosel Valley River. We saw beautiful swans floating by in huge groups. They are so graceful. We looked repeatedly around Trier an ancient Roman city never quite found the city center or ampitheatre . We got home around 8:45 and had a sauerkraut bratwurst and potato salad. We enjoyed a delicious ice cream bar too. Yummy! Dad and I went to Netto market and picked up some gummy bears, sauce mixes, and tea. It is getting on 11:00 o clock and chilly. Mom and Sam are playing computer games. With such a big day today, we intend to rest up tomorrow to prepare for our future adventures.

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