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This morning I allowed an hour to get to the ophthalmologist's office, thinking that morning commuters would be clogging the streets. Not so. I arrived about 45 minutes early for my appointment! I was glad the traffic was light because I feel so insecure driving with only one eye open.

Dr. Peterson was very nice. He did a thorough examination of my eye and said that there is a deep scratch that could be caused either by a foreign object or by a virus. He asked whether I had had a cold sore. I've never had cold sores. He prescribed a different antibiotic ointment and some eye drops to be used several times a day. I used them before I left the parking lot and my eye started feeling even worse. I thought that I was having a bad reaction to one of the medicines, so I went back to the doctor's office to tell him; but he said that it was normal.

He wants me to either see a doctor in the next town for a follow-up exam or to return to him if I can stay here. I called the RV park office to see whether I could rent my site for a few more days. Fortunately, it was not rented to anyone else. My appointment is set for Tuesday at 3:00.

The next important item on my list was a visit to the T-Mobile store to get my phone problem resolved. The service rep installed a new SIMM card and called Technical Services to have it activated. He then made a test call to make sure the phone was working. I went on my merry way and, when I got back home, I called Barb -- or, rather, dialed her number but got T-Mobile customer service instead! I was told that the card couldn't be activated and that I should return to the store to get another SIMM card. I couldn't believe it! Anyway, I trudged back to the store for yet another SIMM card. Again, the rep called Technical Services and was told that, due to a system problem, the card couldn't be activated. However, this time a supervisor submitted a service request and promised to put it on highest priority since I've dealt with this problem for so long. The store rep told me to call him tomorrow if the phone hasn't been activated by 2:00.

I used the T-Mobile store's phone to call Barb to bring her up to date on my eye situation. She left this morning because her site had been rented to someone else and there were no more sites big enough for her rig. She said that she had had trouble finding a place to stay. She ended up in Yakima. I told her that I'd call her after my appointment on Tuesday to find out where I can meet her.

I plan to stay around home most of the time over the next few days to give my eye a chance to heal.

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