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Downtown Bath

Irish Pub

Love the signs

Street light with city hall in the background

Custom House

Shops of Bath

Top of City Hall...isn't the boat on the top cool?

Lobster shirt

Great tee-shirts

City park in Bath

All wooden church 1843 Winter Congregational Church on the corner of Summer...

Love this house

Called the Chocolate Church..we were driving by..not a good photo...sorry

The marshes

Neat flag painted on stone

The Heal Family Plot

Small area..all are from the Heal Family off the side of the...

Guess what's for dinner?

Inside the restaurant

There were stoves all over the restaurant.

Bed and Breakfast in Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor

Isn't it lovely?

Neat exterior of this restaurant.

Looking across the harbor

Don't park here



Just sitting by the side of the road

The tower

Looking down after taking photos from the top

Looking up once reaching the landing

The bay

Very beautiful in person

Entryway to the tower.

Today was a good day and a bad day.

I’ll start with the good. We drove 200 miles today up to Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Wiscasset, Georgetown, Bath and some places I forgot. We saw some fabulous little towns, cute shops, and lobster shops and restaurants galore. We drove through the forests, we drove to the harbors. It was lovely.

I will just jump to the bad real quick. No lighthouses, cause the ones we wanted to see were only accessible by boat, no shoreline and for half the day….no camera. My battery went dead! Yes, Lee Ann, I can hear you now “buy two, then you will always have one charged”. Boy, are you right. I was so dang mad at myself that John had to buy me a DQ Blizzard to cheer me up. It was the only ice cream shop around when he got tired of my looking sad.

The city of Bath was so picturesque, in fact, they all were. The city of Wiscasset states that they are the prettiest in the state, and we agree to its being really pretty, but since we didn’t really have the time to explore too much we decided that Camden was our favorite of the day. I am sure it had to do with the fact that it was the place that we spent the most time at. It sits on the harbor with lots of shops and places to eat and drink, and quite a few bed and breakfast inns.

We went to the tower in Camden, high on a hill overlooking the city and the Penobscot Bay. It is Maine’s largest bay, thirty miles long and thirty miles wide with hundreds of islands. The tower is a memorial for the men and women who fought in WWI, erected in 1921.

We had a late lunch/early dinner at the Waterfront Inn on the balcony overlooking the bay with all the boats coming in and out of moorage. John had a lobster roll and loved it. Lobster is king out here and everyone advertises it. Who doesn’t love it? How can you not? On the west coast it is too expensive to have at any time except a super dooper special occasion.

Oh, by the way. I was really thirsty for a soft drink. Normally, I do not drink any soda or pop (depending on what side of the country you are on), but last night I decided to have a Barq’s Root Beer. I got the 12 oz bottle and then did a fatal thing…I turned the bottle around and looked at the label. Are you ready for this…..270 calories, 75 gm. Carbohydrates and 74 gm. SUGAR!!!! Holy Cow!! I drank maybe ¼ of it, and just couldn’t finish the rest. Yes, I know I eat ice cream, but the nutritional facts are not staring me in the face. 74 gm SUGAR…Holy Cow!!!

Okay, so that was our day…the good and the bad. Sorry about not having too many photos of cool stuff. I will not make that mistake again. I am hanging my heading my head in shame, Lee Ann.

Tomorrow…not sure where we are going yet. But, you can bet it will be in Maine.

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