Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

This morning I was at the T-Mobile store as soon as it opened. I spoke with the manager, Frank Seven, about my long-lasting problem with my new T-Mobile phone. He spent an hour and 45 minutes talking with several technicians and trying about a dozen SIMM cards, none of which could be activated. Finally, he insisted that they close my account and open a new one and then transfer my balance to the new account. They added $13.34 to my balance for my pain. The fly in the ointment is that they couldn't use my old phone number so I had to get a new cell number. Grrrr!!!!

Before leaving the store, I placed a test call to Barb but had to leave a message giving her my new number. I've talked to her a couple of times since then. I told Frank that I would give him kudos when I report the results to the Better Business Bureau.

Then I went to JCPenney Salon to get a haircut. It feels so much better and the lady did a good job, so this was a bright spot in my day.

I still had a lot of time to kill before my 3:00 o'clock follow-up visit with the doctor, so I went to the food court for a bite of grub. I had fried rice, noodles and sesame chicken. It was pretty good.

My trip to the doctor's office was a real adventure. The downtown streets are crazy! Anyway, I finally arrived in plenty of time for my appointment. It was well after 4:00 by the time the doctor came in to see me. He said that my eye still isn't healed so he told me to continue to use the eye drops for at least five more days. He suggested that, if I feel the need to see another doctor, I should call the University of Washington clinic.

Since it was about 4:30 by the time I left the doctor's office, I just knew I'd get caught up in evening gridlock but was pleasantly surprised. Maybe the worst of it comes after 5:00.

I hooked Sweet Pea up to Daisy and unhooked the water and sewer connections tonight so I wouldn't have quite so much to do in the morning.

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