Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Columbia River - Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project

Columbia River - Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project

Columbia River - Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project - Rock Formations at Lookout...

Columbia River - Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project - Overlook Point - Bush...

Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project - Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park Across River

Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project - Overlook Point - Rocks and Plants

Yakima River behind Ellensburg KOA

My Campsite at Ellensburg KOA

I left the RV park shortly after 8:00 and drove to the service station next door to feed Daisy. I asked the cashier if there is a shortcut to I-90 from Mead. She told me about a way that isn't shorter but that has less traffic, so I opted to take her advice.

There is a section of I-90 where crops are identified by signs hanging on the fences. I saw sweet corn, alfalfa, Timothy hay and mint (Mmmm! What a nice fragrance!). That is such a nice touch. I often see things growing in the fields which I can't identify.

The drive was not exactly exciting. There was little scenery to break the monotony, except Moses Lake and a scenic overlook of the Columbia River and the Priest Rapids Hydroelectric Project in Grant County. Ellensburg is a little more scenic because it is close to the Cascade Range.

I arrived at the RV park at approximately 2:30 and set up camp quickly. I have a pull-through, which is always a plus, especially when spending only one night. I prefer not to unhook my car just for an overnight stay.

A woman from Oregon was setting up camp next to my site at about the same time. She has an Aliner. I've seen quite a few of them in campgrounds but had never seen the inside of one. She agreed to show hers to me. It has all the actual necessities except a bathroom. That would be a definite minus, in my view. However, most campgrounds have bath facilities with showers, so it's workable.


Route: I-90 W to Ellensburg

Total Miles Driven: 186

Weather Conditions: Sunny and hot

Road Conditions: Good

Gasoline Price: $2.899 at Mead and Ellensburg

RV Park: KOA - Ellensburg

Park Conditions: Good. Level sites. Quite a few large trees. On north bank of Yakima River. WiFi in the laundry room. (With my High Gain USB Adapter I can access it from inside my motorhome.)

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