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We hated to say “So Long” to Mike & Marian this morning as we all prepared to leave the Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo.

Soon, Eddie & Jan were ready to go and they followed us out of the resort. Mike & Marian had turned east toward Oklahoma City while Eddie & Jan followed as we turned west toward Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Only one hour and five minutes after leaving Amarillo, we crossed the state line into New Mexico, entering the Mountain Time Zone at the same time.

We stopped in Tucumcari for fuel and then continued on west.

About 40 miles down the road, a “Check Engine” light came on in my truck so I pulled over. The passing traffic rocked us a bit as they sped by, only a couple of feet away.

The truck seemed to run fine and all the engine instruments showed normal operation, so we continued on. Eddie & Jan followed for a while but soon passed us, as we struggled a bit with the mountain driving, the strong headwind, and towing the car behind the RV.

Somewhere along the way, our friends made a pit stop and we passed them this time.

We arrived at the American RV Park on the west side of Albuquerque about 15 minutes ahead of our friends but soon we were all set up.

Eddie & Jan discovered a problem with one of their slide topper awnings and while they made some phone calls about that, I took the truck to a nearby Ford Dealer for some help with the “Check Engine” light. They found numerous codes but after resetting the light, no codes appeared on the next check. They gave me some info to use when we visit a dealer for service again, and refused to charge me anything for the diagnosis. I tipped the service manager who did the work himself and spent nearly an hour working on my truck.

I topped off the tank with diesel on the way back home and after arriving at the RV, Eddie & Jan came over to sit outdoors with a cold beverage.

It was a tiring trip today and we were all worn out so we made a plan to go out for breakfast tomorrow morning, and retired to our own RV’s for the evening.

Life is Good!

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