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isolated on the nature trail

Following the lead of the governors of other populous states, the Florida governor has now closed all the restaurants as well. Some will try to make a go of it with carryout, but we wonder how long they can last. We have a curfew from 11pm - 5am which doesn't affect us at all. All the beaches are closed now as well, doubtless a response to the immortal Spring Break crowd who partied like it was 1995. With all the schools closed it's not clear that Spring Break will ever end, but if it does, being widely spaced on the beach as we were for the last aborted launch, seems like it could be come a viable choice once again.

Florida is a state full of geezers, so every store that sells groceries has special hours for us before the store opens to everyone else. We've heard that these special geezer times are a nightmare as the aisles become gridlocked with walkers and scooters. We've done just fine shopping later in the day. The local Walmart was overflowing with toilet paper, although signs warned that you could only take one package. Ditto for bread. The meat/chicken coolers were pretty picked over, but we ended up with a full cart, so that we don't have to go back soon. We were impressed by the quantity and quality of the fresh fruits and vegetables and wondered if that's true everywhere in the US or a function of living near where many of these things are grown. We went through self checkout, avoiding a close encounter with the cashier.

We had a nice visit with a camper who listens to our podcast and ended up being assigned by management on our other campsite. They came here with two other couples and all had rented golf carts. We took them on a tour of The Great Outdoors and they seemed suitably impressed. On our daily bike ride we rendezvoused with with them all again and exchanged RV repair stories coupled with lots of laughter. I think we would feel far lonelier at home, where everyone is still isolated by the weather inside their homes. However, every time I meet someone these days I don't just see them. With my overactive imagination I see the hundreds of people they might have encountered the last few days standing behind them. It almost makes us envious of those poor folks who were stranded on the cruise ships and got the virus. By now they are over it, having gotten immunity and good medical care from personnel who still had sufficient equipment and materials to treat them. I could say a lot more about how poorly we have equipped our medical personnel who are being asked to treat virus victims with insufficient supplies. But everyone will see this for themselves as the pandemic grows. As long as insurance companies make medical decisions, we will never have extra personnel, beds, or equipment just in case.

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