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Native American Style Flute Made of PVC by Carl Perry

Today Carl Perry delivered my new Native American-style G minor flute, which he made from PVC pipe. It took him a couple of weeks because he drilled the holes off center to customize it to my hands. Then he gave it several coats of white polyurethane paint.

This afternoon I decorated the flute with some Cherokee symbols:

• Thunderbird: Symbolizes an omen of war.

• Cross: Symbolizes the earth's forces, their origin and the manner in which they work.

• Dove: (non-Cherokee symbol) - I included it because, when I was a child, I gave myself the Indian name of White Dove. I really liked the song, “Running Bear” by Sonny James. It tells the story of "Running Bear" and "Little White Dove", two Native Americans who fall in love. It was inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet because the two lovers are from rival tribes. At the end they drown together so they can be together forever.

• Eight-pointed star: Symbolizes hope and guidance.

• Owl: Symbolizes messengers from beyond the grave.

• Turtle: Symbolizes good health and long life.

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