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What a wonderful day we have had, I’m totally in my element, I’ve just loved ourf first day on the coast, it’s been huge and fantastic, just the type of hike I had fantasied about. Am so happy.

To start from the beginning, Lorna and I had the best dinner out last night in Caminha. We had the local Speciality, shellfish in rice, a type of paella. It was delicious.

Caminha was a lovely quiet little town with a few pilgrims and that’s about all.

And more important, Cameron, I have solved the problem of our wine cellar since you have decided not to bury yourself with your wine in the bottom of the garden. A new project for you, we are going to make the front lounge at Laurieton into an open wine cellar against the back wall, it looked so cool at the restaurant last night so I’ve taken photos to show you, I can’t wait. It will look great and fit in so well.

But back to today, we had torrential rain last night and woke up to our first really wet soggy morning on this trip, really disappointing to have to start the hike with bad weather. We donned all our wet weather gear on, covers on packs etc, however the gods were smiling on us and by the time we arrived at the river, five minutes away from our hotel, the clouds had cleared and we have had a perfect hiking day with no signs of rain.

We grabbed a coffee and smiled sweetly at a man with a boat who for a small fee agreed to take us across the river, thus taking 3kms off our walk today, a lovely experience.

We were so excited anyway this morning, putting on our boots, hiking gear and walking poles out etc and wow, the day certainly didn’t disappoint and actually exceeded expectations.

It was such a pretty walk, varied as sometimes through farms, forests, little seaside villages, beside the road but mainly on pathways right beside the ocean past lovely little beaches, rugged coastline and pounding waves.

We stopped for a fruit picnic breakfast along the way and apart from stopping to admire views and take photos, we completed our 22 kms to Oia by late lunchtime.

Along the way we met the occasional pilgrim and a few local farmers or locals going about their business but otherwise very few people. It was so quiet and peaceful with just the two of us trudging along, I am glad I was not entirely on my own and enjoyed Lorna’s Company.

Oia is a tiny, pretty and very old seaside town. A couple of little cafe type bars, no supermarket, 1 hotel and the gorgeous little guesthouse and original Portuguese house that we are staying in on our again. It is the end of season so area is very quiet with places closing down for winter which means the locals are pleased to see us as the hoards of tourists have all left. (The two of us were the only ones in the whole hotel last night, and it was a strange place with no reception and a very creepy ‘ala the grim reaper’ type of man who stumbled out in his pj’s to let us in, nobody asked for our passports or names, they merely gave us a key to the room.) Thank goodness I wasn’t entirely on my own, scary stuff but a great place to stay with superb water views.

When we arrived st Oia about 1.30, we found a lovely outdoor garden overlooking an old Monastery with an interesting history, for a beer and lunch before sussing out our guesthouse.

After a shower and change of clothes, we went exploring, that took 5 minutes as there’s virtually only one road and no shops at all, so stopped at a little pub for our evening glass of wine and returned to our hotel for a coffee and to raid our food bag for dinner type bits and pieces.

The walk is just how I imagined the Portuguese coast to look and now we are in Spain and the walking path has been lovely and well marked with the yellow Camino shell and arrow.

I can’t wait for tomorrow though rain has again been predicted, maybe we will again be lucky.

Whew sleepy times.

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