Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog

BC Ferries Northern Expeditian

One of many seating areas

Inside Passage 1

Inside passage 2

A quick stop along the way to pick up some hippies

Humpback Whale

Inside Passage 3

Lighthouse Point

Monkey Puzzle Tree. Not native but a real cool tree.

Closeup of Monkey Puzzle Tree branch

This was cool. Weighs 22 ton

Sunset 1

Before sunset

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Post Sunset

Happy Birthday Cindy!!!!!!!!

We left for the Ferry port at 4:30 get in line. The ferry was booked up so we had to get in a standby line. It was quite an operation. To make a long story short, we were able to get on the ferry which took us from Prince Rupert, through the Inside Passage, and then to Port Hardy on the north side of Vancouver Island. It was a 15 hour trip, but cut off about 1000 miles of driving.

The ferry was huge. It held over 300 cars, 50 RVs and I have no idea how many pasangers. It was certainly not a cruise ship, but there was plenty of comfortable seating and the food was pretty good too. We were able to go down and let Joey out of the RV for a walk about every three hours.

We got into Port Hardy about 11:30 p.m. and fortunately found a park pretty easily. After a well needed sleep, we explored Port Hardy and headed south to begin taking in the Island. We plan to spend a week on Vancouver Island and see quite a bit of it.

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