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Mountain home RV park in Idaho

Entering Nevada!

We happened upon a cattle drive in Nevada. I love the sky...

Miss Zoey is busy snoozing!

Happy Halloween everyone! It has been a trick free day. But a cold one. Last night we got down to 28 degrees! It was in the low 30's when we got up, and it topped out at 46 degrees today. But no snow, and it was sunny off and on all day.

I had really slow internet yesterday for photos but it's Much better today. We got underway at 0900 mountain time. (I think I made a mistake yesterday and said we lost an hour but we moved ahead one hour to mountain time. Today when we entered Nevada we went back to Washington time.) It was brisk out, but a dry type of cold. We made it through Twin falls this year with no bouncing appliances blocking our path. (Remember last year we dodged a unsecured freezer!)But Spike had me on "rouge appliance watch" just the same.

It was an easy day on the road, no line huggers or lane hoggers, and mostly polite drivers. We got fuel at the truck stop in Wells, Nevada around noon. No issues, the pumps worked quickly and perfectly! We were In and out of there in about 15 minutes. The longest part was waiting for the truck ahead of us.

The scenery today was mostly farms, cattle feed lots, corn fields etc., and lots of back country stuff you would see on a two lane road. Old farmhouses and barns, which I kinda like. It was kinda cool driving up on that cattle drive, they actually still use horses to move the cattle. It made me think of that old show "Rawhide", that my sister and I used to watch when nothing else was on. (Not really our fav program but better than Bowling for dollars!)

Anyway we pulled into the Ely KOA around 1500 today. Boy are the RV spots here uneven.

The first time the jacks had the front tires off the ground, I don't feel comfortable with that. So Spike manually fooled with them and brought the front end back down some. He was able to adjust us manually so we were level.

Oh and before I forget, yes I did get to talk to Punjab at Dish network again this afternoon. Oh joy!Unfortunately we knew more than he did, but after about a 1/2 hour and 2 techs we got it done. We are getting the local channels from Utah and that's kinda cool because the programming is earlier.

Tomorrow we will be on the road to Needles, California. Thank you all for your prayers!

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