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Scenic View of Bridgetown (Caribbean Sea side of island)

St. James Anglican Parish Church

Church Interior

View from Cherry Tree Hill (Atlantic Ocean side of island)

Barbados Philatelic Bureau

Beautiful weather again. It rained briefly about 8:30 pm after we were back in our room.

We were up early and had the breakfast buffet at Bayside restaurant. Then we walked over to the tour desk to checkin for our 4 hour tour. She called the driver who appeared about 5 minutes later.

Our driver (I don't remember his name) drove us slowly up along the West coast along the Caribbean sea. The island is only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, so you don't have to drive very fast. The first stop was a viewpoint overlooking Bridgetown's harbor. Driving along, he delighted in showing us all the huge mansions and golf courses to be found in Barbados. There are also many properties for sale.

Our second stop was in Holetown at the oldest Anglican church, the St. James Parish Church, originally built as a wooden church in 1628. The church we entered was a coral-stone building built in the 1680s. It was a beautiful church, with an interesting array of organ pipes. The church is part of the Barbados National Trust which preserves and protects the island's heritage.

We then drove east across the island's mainland to its high point at Cherry Tree Hill, all of 850 ft above sea level, of which he seemed very proud. (We did not burst his bubble and tell about hiking in the Andes over 12,000 ft.) We disembarked to take pictures and look at the souvenirs on display. Nothing caught our attention to buy.

Then from there he headed down towards the East coast. We paused at Lewis Morgan Sugar Windmill which is also part of the Barbados National Trust. This is the largest and lone intact wind-driven sugar mill in the Caribbean. However, it was not open.

Along the Atlantic coast, we saw a marker on the highway. It was about the dedication of what is now the Emily Bourne Highway by QEII in April 1966. Just a few short months later Barbados gained independence on November 30th, 1966. They celebrated 50 years last year.

We drove inland passing fields of sugar cane, and an abandoned sugar cane refinery (there is a working one on the other side of the island) on our way to Bridgetown. My one request on the tour was to have time to visit the main post office.

We arrived in Bridgetown and the traffic with the hustle and bustle of the city. We passed St. Michael's Cathedral, parliament, and all the department stores along the way to the post office.

Our driver dropped me off and showed me the entrance to use. I got in a long line, but I saw a sign about the philatelic bureau. Then a gentleman asked people in line if anyone was just getting stamps. I asked him where to go for the philatelic bureau and was directed to another building. Then I was directed to another building down on the street level. (Such a large complex for a little island.) I got to the front of the line and asked about stamp sets. The woman said "Wait a minute, I need to take you somewhere else."

She came out of the booth, and I followed her back up the street to an elevator bank (I had to sign in) and we went to the 4th floor. She explained that she usually works in the Philatelic Bureau, she just happened to be filling in because some one did not show for work today. On the 4th floor was the office of the Barbados Philatelic Bureau. They had the 2016 stamps on display. She asked me what I would like, so I asked for the 50th Anniversary of Independence issue, the Seven Wonders of Barbados issue, and the definitive set of Barbados contributors. I thought all she would do is pull the sets, but no - she had to go through the drawers and put the set together. It took some time, and then I paid and left.

I returned to the van with more than enough time to spare to get back by 1:00. But our driver, instead of taking the main highway, decided to go along the coast, past all of the resorts. We saw the George Washington house (you had to pay if you wanted to take pictures), and the race track. We finally returned at 1:15.

We had some time until our afternoon appointments, so we relaxed. I was going to go get a hot dog at Doggies, but Jean changed her mine about not having lunch and wanted to try the lunch buffet at Bayside restaurant. They had quite an assortment (no hot dogs though) of some stir fry items, etc.. We both enjoyed our lunch.

Jean had a 3:00 coconut husk scrub. She left early. I stayed behind. At 3:00, housekeeping knocked on the door. I went out on the patio while she straightened & cleaned. I left at 3:20 to go to my 3:30 appointment and I let the maid know. My appointment was a mani/pedi. My cosmologist was very good. The pedicure was relaxing, but she was a little rough on my big toes with the cuticles (some blood). And we talked a little while she did the manicure.

I returned to the room about 4:30. Jean read, and I tried to read the newspaper, but it was a losing battle. So I got on the bed and took a nap.

At 6:30 we went to dinner at the French brasserie at Bayside. For les hors d'oeuvres, Jean had Cocktail de Crevettes (poached shrimp) and I enjoyed Pate de Canard (duck liver). For our entrees, Jean had Canard Bigarade (roasted duck breast) with potato and vegetables. My entree was Souris d'Agneau au Romarin (braised lamb shank) with caramelized pearl onions, roasted pumpkin, and haricots verts. The lamb just fell off the bone it was so tender. We decide to have dessert later

After dinner, we played two rounds of pool, and messed with the ping pong table, not playing a game, just batting the ball back and forth.

We then went over to Cafe de Paris French patisserie for dessert. I had coconut ice cream in a cone, and Jean had a Crepe Suzette made. I ate the cone while waiting for Jean's crepe. She took it back to our room, and we opened the bottle of champagne and sat on the balcony enjoying the evening. While we were sitting, it began to rain for about 10 minutes.

We then watched a Harry Potter movie, HP & the Half Blood Prince.

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