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Doug and Vonnie

Allen and Doug

Denny and Allen

Sad Calves

Happy Chickens

Content Sheep

Elaine, Denny, Allen, Shirley, Doug, Vonnie, Sue

It’s always fun to visit Aunt Shirley, Uncle Allen, Denny and Elaine. Our visit this time was enhanced by the presence of Doug and Vonnie. Denny and Doug are Shirley’s and Allen’s sons.

The Porter’s land is surrounded by a large farm that raises dairy cattle and uses the vast amounts of manure as fertilizer to raise crops. Sue and I took a brief drive through the barn area that produced a mixed reaction.

Most of the cattle are permanently confined to the barn. The calves were all isolated in individual containers. Their life expectancy is greatly enhanced if they are female. On the plus side, there were small animals, like sheep and chickens, scattered about. It was an interesting, if a bit depressing, quick tour.

As usual our visit featured lots of food, reminiscing, and political sparring. As per usual we made a visit to Paisano’s for an Italian meal. But our usual visit to Diner 22 was usurped by the copious (and delicious) food produced by Doug and Vonnie

A good time was had by all. Now, it is on to Punderson State Park.

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