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Carpe Diem overlooking the Wasatch Mountains

We enter Idaho at the Continental Divide

Interstate 15 in Idaho

Entering Utah

We celebrate niece Stacy's Birthday at Ogden Black Bear Diner
Stacy is third...

Mon, 11 Sep: May we never forget September 11, 2001...

A travel day after fifteen days "vegging" at West Yellowstone. We thoroughly enjoyed our rest and relaxation, but it is time to get a move on. So, today we awoke our coach from her slumber and got ready to roll.

And roll we did—280 miles of rolling. We got things ready for the road, checked and double checked our check lists, and eased out the deep forest. Bob drove the coach 2½ mile to a truck pull out while Sandi followed in the car. At the pull out we connected the car and checked brakes and lites.

Then thru West Yellowstone on US 20 and "downhill" from 7,000' elevation to the high four thousands. Carpe's engine compression brake kept our downhill speed at a safe rate and soon we were on I 15 heading south. A few miles south of Idaho Falls we stopped at a rest stop for lunch and a driver change. Sandi took us the rest of the way into Utah and Ogden.

We arrived at our Ogden RV park at 1515 and got registered and parked. Today's distance was 280 miles with an overall fuel economy of 9⅓ mpg.

Once settled in we contacted our niece Stacy who, alas, had to work till 2100. So, with dinner on our own we decided on a newly opened BBQ place, the Lost Texan (yes, we managed to find it). It was excellent and we have leftovers for another meal! Yea!!!

We'll be here till Thursday and then continue south.

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