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Could we get used to this?

It is difficult to catch the grandure of the place in a...

The fountains fountained in time with the music

Off to the tourist bureau to find out about fuel. Should be ok she says just wait in a queue. Not wanting a queue holiday decided we would catch the train to Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild (no that is nowhere near the pronunciation) to have a look at house and garden. Don't catch the bus as they are on strike Alexandra says. Oops. At the train station (closed) Christine translates the TRAIN strike info for fellow travelers.We walk some Irish tourists to meet Alex and home for lunch. Why not sit in a queue and drive to Rothchilds (still not ho you pronounce it). The queue took no time at all because it was lunch time and most people were at lunch! The drive there was challenging. Most of Nice thru which we travelled is a road under construction which set the gps in a spin - well us anyway. After that the gps looked like it was spaghetti. Curly narrow roads everywhere. I have worked out the narrow two way roads with them coming at us in our lane. It is a game of chicken. Two can play but no yet. I had a go with a car at one stage but it was parked!! Bother. The mirror made an intimidating thump though. The house and garden were certainly worthwhile. Superlatives escape me. Art, architecture, different garden styles, antiques, priceless works of art, views..... It had it all. And not too many tourists, well none really when we were the last to leave. The woman who set it up was not totally mad but on the way. Set up a full wedding for one of her dogs! Getting home worked until the last round about. Motor scooter nearly got wiped out by me. Way too close, felt like India or Vietnam. Pack tonight then off north to Grenoble.

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