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Gallipoli Castle

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Well all we need now is snow, we've had everything else now as far as the weather goes. Today was the day for wind, and didn't it blow. The day started dry but chilly & windy & as we headed East towards South Eastern most point of the stiletto heel of Italy it got windier & windier. By midday when we got down to the coast it was blowing a real gale & the seas were crashing on the rocks. There were a couple of caches at old castles right by the sea & I was really blown about by the wind walking around, especially at the one on a low cliff top. Quite spectacular.

The cache at the castle in Gallipoli, not the famous Turkish WW2 town, was not quite so wild but all the little boats in the harbour were bucking & rocking as the wind whipped up the sea. Not a day to be putting to sea, that's for sure. I was getting seasick just watching the waves.

One thing we've seen quite a lot as we travel round is the number of single girls along the roads outside towns just sitting on a chair. Not sure what they are waiting for, maybe a bus? We noticed the same when we went round Spain last year. They could be right out in the country away from a town & just sitting beside the road. Viv wouldn't let me stop & ask them what they were doing there, can't think why not? Well today they were all wrapped up & looking cold, I felt really sorry for them, poor things. A bad day to be doing a traffic census.

Joy of joy today as our chosen camp site at Santa Maria de Leuca right on the tip of the heel of Italy was actually open when we arrived at about 5pm. It was a big site with lots of buildings, a swimming pool & sports fields but we were the only ones there so a bit eerie with the wind whistling through the trees. It was a bit outside the town so nowhere to go in the evening especially with the weather like it was. Hit hadn't rained all day but as the wind died down in the evening the rain started. Another cosy evening in our little home.

Mileage today - 170

Total Mileage to date - 3,151

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