Di and Pete's 2014 Oz Adventure travel blog

Amazing sky over Jurien Bay

Beautiful Wattle tree north of Perth

House with its own lookout over ocean

Pete at Hillary's

Sandcastle on Hillary's beach

Perth city - Catholic Church

Perth city building

Perth - Murray Street Mall artist

Fremantle's Big Wheel

Fremantle - Di & Pete at Littles Creatures Brewery

Fremantle - Pete and the night lights

Looking out over Perth from Kings Park

Kings Park - canons & Di

Kings Park looking up at the sun with its Halo

Kings Park - Botanical Gardens flowers

Kings Park - Botanical Gardens flowers

Kings Park - Botanical Gardens flowers

Di & Nettie on Ferry on Swan River

Ferry ride on the Swan River - heading towards Perth

Perth - Di, Pete, Bec and Robb

Fremantle - Di at entrance of Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison - built by convicts

Fremantle Prison - inside cell block

Fremantle Prison - chapel ceiling (built by convicts)

Fremantle Prison - solitary confinement cell

Fremantle Prison - painting done by prisoner within cell

Fremantle Prison - Pete at the Flogging posts

Fremantle Prison - the gallows

Pete with friends Pam & Barb in East Fremantle

Maritime Museum - Di and Australia II - winged keel

After leaving Ellendale Pool we headed into Jurien Bay where we caught up with our friend Sue and her dogs Milly and Henry in the 5th wheeler. We enjoyed our time together particularly walking along the lovely sandy beach and watching sky divers jumping out of planes and landing on the beach.

Pete went fishing for squid several times without much luck, however his fishing mate (our new neighbour) caught two squid which he gave to Pete. Lucky us.

Whilst there the skies opened and we felt rain on our heads for the first time in five months. It was a short downpour and afterward the sky put on a spectacular display of colours and clouds. We ended up staying three days before heading down the coast towards Perth.

We called in at Lancelin for a break and had the worst coffee ever. I saw a house there that amused me, it had a observation platform to view the ocean which was a few streets away.

On the northern outskirts of Perth we visited Pete's nieces son 'Harry' who lives with his dad at Pinjar, it was great catching up with them and we ended up spending the night camping in their front yard.

The next day we set up camp in a good caravan park in Karrinyup - a suburb on the northern side of Perth, the pool was so impressive and even warm. Whilst in Perth we jumped on a train to go into Perth city, the train ran down the centre of the freeway, how impressive is that, other cities should do the same.

We visited a favourite spot for locals and tourist 'Hillary's', complete with a beach, marina and lots of shops. It has a great holiday atmosphere, we admired a sand sculpture created by a young guy, I got some tips from him to help our future sand castle building projects plus I gave him a tip for his fine effort.

We drove down to Fremantle, walked around the streets looking at everything, lots of little streets full of great looking buildings and shops. I love Fremantle. We bumped into friends we met at Barn Hill Station - Megan, Jamie and dogs Stitch and Zumba. We all enjoyed a meal together at Little Creatures Fremantle Brewery. It was great seeing them all again. Our friend Nettie was staying at a caravan park in Fremantle so we caught up with her also. We had a great day in Fremantle and meeting up with friends was a bonus.

We were lucky enough to meet up with friends and fellow caravaners Vicky and Geoff who are currently house sitting in Perth. Their son 'Luke' bought our old caravan from us after we finished our 2010 trip so there's a strong link between us.

We decided after five days on the north side of Perth to move down south and set up camp with Nettie in Fremantle. The caravan park was about three kilometres from the centre of town and there are free courtesy buses that run around the centre of town. We could walk one kilometre from the caravan park to meet up with the free bus which we did several times. The first time we were to early for the bus so ended up walking all the way into town, that day we earned our treats.

Nettie and I hit the markets and spent some girl time together, we ate some yummy food as well as visiting lots of shops, we had a great day. Pete did his own thing and ventured off on the train into Perth.

We visited Kings Park Botanical Gardens with Nettie and once again walked many kilometres. Pete and I have been there before but still love walking through the gardens and looking at all the beautiful plants and flowers. Whilst in the park we witnessed the sun with a rainbow hola around it, it was a pretty spectacular. After visiting the gardens we went for a ferry ride on the Swan River which we all enjoyed.

To complete a great day out we met up with Pete's nephew 'Robb' and his fiancé 'Bec' who were on holidays in WA. Whilst on holidays they had just become engaged and both were very excited. We were happy we could celebrate their engagement with them over a drink.

Peter and I went on a tour through Fremantle Prison, it was built by convicts and was still being used as a prison up until 1991. I'm so glad I live now and not back in convict times as life was extremely tough. We found the tour very interesting and so glad we went. We also visited the Maritime Museum where 'Australia II' is housed along with heaps of fantastic displays on everything related to the ocean from fishing to naval.

We caught up with friends Pam and Barb who live in Fremantle, it was great seeing them again. We also met their new adopted toy poodle, she's so cute and I could have taken her with us.

We spent five days in Fremantle and really enjoyed our stay, the location of the park was so accessible to everything.

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