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Herb Farm - Restaurant and Gift Shop

Herb Farm - Side of Restaurant

Herb Farm - Cottages

Herb Farm - Spa

Herb Farm - Decorations in Front of Spa

Herb Farm - Decorations

Herb Farm - Gardens

Herb Farm - Poets Haus Gift Shop

Herb Farm - Linda Seelke and Martha Boswell

Herb Farm - Glenda Alexander and Linda Seelke

Herb Farm - Glenda Alexander and Martha Boswell

Today was a very special day for me. Martha Boswell and Linda Seelke took me to Fredericksburg to celebrate my getting rid of the back brace. Anything to justify a party, right? They picked me up a little before 10:00 and we were on our way. The weather was a bit chilly, with occasional mist, but it was still pleasant.

Our first stop was at the Herb Farm Restaurant for lunch. There had been quite a few changes to the place since the last time I had been there. They have added some cottages and a spa center and have redecorated the restaurant. We arrived just before the main lunch crowd. After lunch we checked out the gift shop, which features soaps and lotions made on site.

Next, we visited a few of the shops on Main Street. I found a couple of items at Dooley’s 5, 10 & 25⊄ Store that I had been unable to find elsewhere. One is a small digital clock/timer that has a magnetic-backed clip and display stand. It will be especially useful for when I’m doing laundry or other chores requiring a specific time period. I won’t have to keep looking at the clock while I’m waiting. It is small enough to fit in my pocket or, in absence of a pocket, it can be clipped to my clothes. The other item is a small brush on a long handle that can be used for cleaning inside large straws.

Our last stop was at the Llano Street Bakery and Deli where we had coffee and sweets. Martha and Linda also bought some specialty breads.

When we arrived back in Austin, it was misting more heavily than it had been in Fredericksburg.

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