Road Trip 2013 travel blog

Mighty Rudy the guard dog!

Tallon shows us how to bowl!

Pops can do it!

Always back for seconds when there's Michigans!

S'mores anyone?

S'mores, s'mores and more s'mores!

Watch it!

Serenity.... The balloon floated by while having s'mores...

Together again!

More good times!

Partly sunny today with slight chance of showers. Temp was mid to high 70's.

Sadi and Tallon woke up about 6:30. Pop put in Rio for them to watch while breakfast was being fixed. French toast anyone? Kadin and Faith joined in about 7 or so. Nicki joined us a few minutes later while Greg had to go to work for awhile.

Nichole put the roast in the crockpot along with potatoes and carrots. We started the michigan sauce and put it in a crockpot. Uncle Carl and Aunt Bonnie were bring the glacier hotdogs. We also made up a tossed salad and salt potatoes! A great meal!

Dave gave Greg a hand putting up a Weather Station in the back yard. We had some lunch after that. A little later we did some bowling, boxing, tennis, volleyball and Star Wars games with the kids on the Xbox. We didn't have a chance against those kids!

We had a wonderful dinner with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Carl. Friends of Nicki and Greg's, Jack, Andrea and Sunday joined us for s'mores out on the screened in patio that has a fireplace. Yum!

While we were enjoying the s'mores a hot air balloon went floating by in their backyard. The views from this house are just beautiful from every direction!

Nicki, Sadi and Sunday have a 5k race in the morning...good luck and we will be rooting for you!

We all partied and shot the bull for awhile.

After a full day of fun we hit the hay around ten and the lights went out quick!

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