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Pioneer Preacher

Deadwood Elks Lodge - upstairs

But their only open when the outside sign is lit

Elks building is a bank downstairs

Gorgeous original woodwork in the bank

And their tin ceiling

Baffalo Saloon

Funny bar stools

Portrait of Wild Bill Hickok

On the way back to Spearfish

Rainbow forming

Larry at the end of the rainbow

Thick, bright rainbow

Silly Gidget ready for bed

We were running errands this morning and hanging with Barb & Steve McIntyre when we all decided to go back to Deadwood hoping to visit the Elks Lodge. We wanted to get a lodge pin from this famous old lodge.

The Elks Lodge is in a very old two story building, upstairs above a bank. The lodge door was locked and there was no information about their hours. We went into the beautiful old bank and asked them if they knew what hours the Elks Lodge upstairs was open and they said “when the outside sign is lit”.

So, we walked around in town some more, having a couple cool beers in 2 different bars, one with a comedic western singer and we enjoyed our time there.

When we came back to Spearfish we went to check out the small street fair then we all went to dinner at Lucky 13 Pub. As we were going into the pub it started to sprinkle and we were delighted to see a huge rainbow. When I turned to look at Larry, he was at the end of the rainbow, my treasure!

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