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Where's the road......

.... it' here somewhere.

ah...there it is

Woke up this morning to the coldest temperatures yet, -4 degrees. The car was covered in snow and ice, and the roadway was slippery as hell. Spent 1/2 an hour trying to clear the ice from the windows (a most painful experience - snow is C-O-L-D!!!!!). Finally got the windows clear enough to start driving and head for France. Quite a nerva wracking experience. Dense fog, snow covered roads, and ice made for a very slow trip out of the alps.

Wasn't long before we had crossed the border (again no passport stamp) and into the flat country of the Alsace Lorraine region of France (, and on to Strasbourg (

Driving into Strasbourg we were tempted to stop for awhile and look around. However, parking and confusing traffic conditions convinced us to move on to our destination for the day, Colmar.

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