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Bandon, OR - Bandon by the Sea RV Park, site 60

Bandon, OR - Bandon by the Sea RV Park, site 60, anotherview

Bandon, OR - Bandon by the Sea RV Park, site 60, and...

Brookings to Bandon, OR - our route - 82 miles

Brookings to Bandon, OR 1 - can't go far without one of...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 2 - in Oregon US 101 is also...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 3 - lots of Oregon State Parks along...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 4 - very mountainous terrain along the coast

Brookings to Bandon, OR 5 - and wildflowers this time of year

Brookings to Bandon, OR 6 - the beautiful Oregon coast

Brookings to Bandon, OR 7

Brookings to Bandon, OR 8

Brookings to Bandon, OR 9 - going through Port Orford

Brookings to Bandon, OR 10 - one of the many waterfront restaurants...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 11 - where the Coquille River meets the...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 12 - the Coquille Light

Brookings to Bandon, OR 13 - wonder which way the prevailing wind...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 14 - the shoreline at Bandon

Brookings to Bandon, OR 15

Brookings to Bandon, OR 16 - Face Rock on the left

Brookings to Bandon, OR 17 - Face Rock, properly named don't you...

Brookings to Bandon, OR 18 - some more of the Bandon shoreline

Cape Blanco 1 - the Sixes River running just before entering the...

Cape Blanco 2 - the Cape Blanco Light

Cape Blanco 3 - the view north from the Cape

Cape Blanco 4 - just below the Cape

Cape Blanco 5 - the view south of the Cape - pretty...

Cape Blanco 6 - the gravestone for Patrick Hughes who was from...

Cape Blanco 7

Cape Blanco 8 - the only other stones in the small cemetery

Cape Blanco 9

Cape Blanco 10

Cape Blanco 11

Cape Blanco 12 - husband and....

Cape Blanco 13 - ...wife

Cape Blanco 14 - the boat yard at Port Orford - notice...

Cape Blanco 15 - this boat has just been lifted out of...

Cape Blanco 16 - to join the many others already docked

Cape Blanco 17 - this one is still fishing

Cape Blanco 18 - the view south of Port Orford looking towards...

Cape Blanco 19 - a pretty mosaic bench where I took the...

Cape Blanco 20 - notice the hooded jacket and I was still...

Cape Blanco 21 - the Savoy Theater in Port Orford and yes,...

Cape Blanco 22 - a craft store in Port Orford with quilting...

Cape Blanco 23 - a bigfoot carving out front of a store...

Cape Blanco 24 - and another

Cape Blanco 25 - the chainsaw carver busy at work

Old Town Bandon 1

Old Town Bandon 2

Old Town Bandon 3

Old Town Bandon 4

Old Town Bandon 5

Old Town Bandon 6

Old Town Bandon 7

Old Town Bandon 8

Old Town Bandon 9

Old Town Bandon 10 - where we ate, twice

Old Town Bandon 11 - some how managed to stay out of...

Old Town Bandon 12

Old Town Bandon 13 - some drawings along the wharf by students

Old Town Bandon 14

Old Town Bandon 15

Cape Arago 1 - one of the buildings as we pass through...

Cape Arago 2 - beautiful flowers outside a real estate office

Cape Arago 3 - the beach was busy at Charleston, OR between...

Cape Arago 4 - the gardens at Shore Acres State Park

Cape Arago 5

Cape Arago 6

Cape Arago 7

Cape Arago 8

Cape Arago 9 - one of the last two blooms on the...

Cape Arago 10 - the other one

Cape Arago 11

Cape Arago 12

Cape Arago 13

Cape Arago 14

Cape Arago 15

Cape Arago 16

Cape Arago 17

Cape Arago 18

Cape Arago 19

Cape Arago 20 - a couple of deer in the meadow near...

Cape Arago 21 - looking south from the Simpson Beach overlook

Cape Arago 22 - looking north from the Simpson Reef overlook

Cape Arago 23 - that rock in the middle with the sand...

Cape Arago 24 - the sea lions

Cape Arago 25

Cape Arago 26 - looking north from Cape Arago

Cape Arago 27 - you can also see the sea lions from...

Cape Arago 28 - looking south from Cape Arago

Cape Arago 29 - the Cape Arago Light

It was an easy 82 mile drive from Brookings to Bandon, OR. A good bit of it was inland but we did view the ocean a couple of times. We are staying at the Bandon by the Sea RV Park about two miles south of Bandon. It is a pretty nice RV park, but definitely not a resort, where we have a 50 amp pull-through with full hookups, good Verizon and an easy shot to the satellite. The sites are about medium sized, not too small but not quite big enough.

Shortly after arriving we headed into old town Bandon and the wharf area to find something to eat. The RV Park host had recommended the Bandon Fish Market and that recommendation was right on. It was probably the best seafood we have had on the coast and we have eaten several places to date. They have a small eating area inside for about 15 people and the room for about 20 more outside of this very small building. No matter where you eat, you receive your meal in a box full of great food, a plastic fork, salt and pepper, and a napkin. If you order take-out, you get the same thing.

After eating we took a short drive out to the shore drive loop and drove along the coast for a few miles, seeing the Coquille River Light and some great views of the shoreline.

Saturday we headed south to Cape Blanco State Park located on, wait for this, Cape Blanco. Cape Blanco and Cape Alava in Washington both lay claim to being the Westernmost point in the lower 48 states, depending on tides, yada, yada, yada. While there we had some great views of the coastline as well as the Cape Blanco Light.

Coming off the Cape, we headed just a little farther South to Port Orford. This town lays claim to the farthest western community in the lower 48. Port Orford is a unique fishing village in that it has no harbor but the beach area is on open coastline subject to storms. This requires the fishing boats to be stored in dry dock to keep from being destroyed in heavy weather. This hoisting of the boats also limits the boats size so that they cannot stray too far from shore while fishing.

Monday we headed for Cape Arago which is a cape a little north of Bandon and south of Coos Bay. But first, we wanted to head back into Old Town Bandon to take some pictures of this quaint area of old buildings which house shops and restaurants. We then headed north to Coos Bay and then over to the coast to come back down to Cape Arago. That highway also runs through Shore Acres State Park which has a very nice garden. This time of year annuals, a few perennials and roses are the main features of the park. Earlier in the spring there would have been a whole different display of flowers. Then, between Shore Acres and Cape Arago, there is a viewing area where you can see the Simpson Reef which is home to bunch of sea lions. The sea lions were there when we were (for a change) but it was low tide so they were much farther out than normal. We then came back to Bandon Fish Market for another great meal. This time we ordered take-out and took it back to the Mothership.

Tomorrow, we head to for Florence, OR for a five night stay.

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