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This will be our last day in South Dakota. Bill & Harry went to Rapid City for random parts for some minor repairs to the RV. They returned and Jackie & I also went to Rapid City for some beautifying. The four of us then went to Keystone. Jackie & Harry rode the Alpine Slide a couple times. I tried to get some photos but did not do so well. We walked around town & browsed the stores. We had pizza for supper. It was very good. Got a box to take extra pizza home for lunch tomorrow. Then we stopped in a fudge shop. Harry sat the pizza down to eat his candy (a scrumptious truffle) and left the pizza behind. Oh well. We went wine probing at the Naked Winery. I bought rhubarb wine and we drank it there. Jackie & Harry chose some different wines. They boxed it and we brought it back for future use. Back to the RV to get things put away for our departure in the morning.

While out running errands and getting fuel Jackie and Harry checked out a gas station his brother Bill said they had to see. It was owned by a prior vet and made a huge amount of money inventing a vaccine. It had amazing animal displays from his overseas hunts.

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