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The Purple People Bridge is purple over the river, but has arches...


the Roman Flying Pig

McDonald Bridge looks good from the middle of the park

neat amphitheater

what a bell tower!

bells at the top

bridge is on Route 471

various art pieces are scattered throughout the city

apartment building in back - loved the flags

a city building at night

Todd Hepburn plays the wierd instruments like the washboard

the main stage

Rob Rio is Lori's favorite!

Tha Juice is a local favorite

the colors at sunset - Rob Rio is playing

Allan loves Bob Seeley who is 77 and going strong

the arches after dark

Allan, Lori, Kent, Donna enjoying the main stage performance

main stage after dark

I enjoyed Duke Robillard, the last performer on the main stage

My sister and brother-in-law have a yearly tradition of listening to the Blues at the River Park in Cincinnati with his brother and sister-in-law and I was lucky to be around to join them this year. We found parking very close to the park so they saved themselves a long walk over the Purple People Bridge from Kentucky where they have parked in the past.

There were 3 stages: the arch stage was under the Purple People Bridge and featured boogie woogie artists; the main stage with well-known blues singers (although I knew no one!); and the St. Vincent's stage featuring local artists. Dolores and I walked through the park early on to see where the first water pumps were and how they changed part of it into an amphitheater. When we found the bells, I wondered if they can be rung. The bridge over the Ohio River for traffic is called the McDonald bridge because it looks like the Arches. Cincinnati is where pigs were brought in to be slaughtered and sold at markets, so the pig is its mascot and there are statues of them all over the city. And of course, Cincinnati was named after the Roman warrior Cincinnatus and his statue is near the arches.

I loved the lighting effects of the arch stage and listened to the most performances there. We stayed from 5 PM until it ended after midnight! The music was great! This is the 20th year of the festival and I expected to see lots of clothes and souvenirs celebrating that fact, but there wasn't much. The mug they always sell for the beer was just a plastic mug you get for picnics from your union or company at a picnic. There weren't as many food vendors as I thought there would be either, but I enjoyed my gyro.

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