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A perfect beach day. A thin fog and gentle breeze took the edge off the bright sun shine, making the temperature perfect. In the morning we sat on the edge of the water listening to podcasts, watching the surf fishermen who appear to be having a great time although they never seem to catch anything. In the afternoon we rode our bikes on the beach to the edge of Port Aransas, where we plan to move our motor home to a parking spot on the sand tomorrow. We've done this before, but I'm always a bit nervous taking our behemoth motor home out on the beach no matter how hard the sand appears to be. The park attendant assured us that she has the phone numbers of many tow truck companies if we need them.

Then we drove back to Port Aransas to watch its Mardi Gras parade. This small town of 3,000 people was able to support a parade that lasted almost an hour, because it pretty much let anyone who wanted to be in it participate. We could have put on a few necklaces, jumped on our bikes and ridden in between the golf carts. We recognized some of the golf carts from the parade at our campground yesterday and saw lots of other Winter Texans from other area campgrounds. Younger folk tended to favor the golf carts as well and businesses used the occasion to advertise their wares with signs on pick up trucks. Lots of necklaces and candy flew, but we didn't accumulate as much booty as we did last Saturday. We were surrounded by small children and the paraders rightly aimed for them. Mardi Gras truly is a holiday of family fun. I'm sure our friends and neighbors up north would enjoy having Mardi Gras parades too, if only they didn't have to worry about dodging snow flakes this time of year.

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