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The Reunification Palace

Saigon early evening - when the place gets buzzing

Anna reporting:

Happy Easter!

Kind of escaped our notice, no eggs for breakfast and certainly no easter eggs - chocolate costsa a bomb in these parts!

In desperate need of new clobber so we set out for the markets once more. We spent a fair few hours rummaging around in a market in Cholon, the Chinatown area. Had fun trying to buy lunch, for some reason rather than simply point at what we want we tested our dodgy vietnamese and ended up with nothing. A Vietnamese American saved the day and ordered our noodles for us, apparently the staff kept saying "We don't understand what they want!"

Had to do a runner on a cyclo driver on the way back from the market. We carefully showed the driver where we wanted to go on a map and then agreed a price by showing the money we were prepared to pay. We then clambered on board and held on tight as the driver negotiated the manic traffic. After about ten minutes of pedalling the driver pulled over and started speaking to a group of Vietnamese men. One of the group then informed us that our driver had not understood where we wanted to go and wanted another 2USD to complete the journey. Danny and I ended up walking to the palace with the Cyclo Driver following us shouting " Yo! Yo! You pay me! You no pay me!"

The Reunification Palace was well worth the dollar entrance fee. Built in the 70's the place had the feel of an early James Bond movie - we even got to see the military bunkers underneath. A short film was showing which detailed the history of Vietnam and the palace further. In the dimmed lights I found myself nodding off and was poked awake by Danny. Apparently my swaying head was casting shadows accross the screen.

This evening, we went out with a Dutch couple for a Vietnamese meal, our Guest House buddies have moved on up North today. We then moved on to Allez Boo for some drinks and pool. Found that the table was being dominated by some locals who were charging 50,000Dong to play, usually it costs 2000!

Day 28 complete

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