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Are we there yet?

All set up at the lake


View of the dam through the trees

From the top of the lookout point


Curving path down

View on the way down

Bob at the dam

Sentinel on the hill

Nellie, the Great Hunter...even if she IS on a leash!

This is how you spend a hot afternoon. Our campground neighbors.

Do you think they're Tennessee fans??

Start of a beautiful sunset. Now, can you see the man's face...


We’re moving closer and closer to the east coast! Today our reservations were at the Defeated Creek COE Park in Carthage, TN. A very easy drive along I-40 again, slipping through Nashville (we want to come back to visit this city) and on to Carthage, about 50 miles east.

Along the way, we passed Mousetail Landing and Bucksnort Road. Those two names just sort of tickled me.

Pulled into the park at 1:15. Really nice park. We have a lot right along the water and, if it weren’t so dang hot and if we were staying for more than just one night, we could sit outside and watch the pleasure boats cruising up and down the waterway. We’re on the very end of a peninsula where the Defeated Creek (large, large creek) and the Cumberland River (barges) meet to create the Cordell Hull Lake. The Cordell Hull lake has 11,960 water acres and 381 shoreline miles. We have a Senior Pass (formerly America the Beautiful) which entitles us to half price camping at national and COE parks which really saves on the budget. Most parks only have water and electric (no sewer) but they have beautiful sites and are just generally really nice campgrounds.

After we set up the house and such, we went for a drive (a geocache, diesel and some shopping) and then did a little touring around the area. Went to the Overlook and wow! You really looked over some beautiful valleys and the river. Bob got some beautiful pictures from the Overlook and then further on where he hiked up a long ramp to the top of the mountain. I didn’t know how far he was going to go so I stayed in the truck. He said the views from the top were absolutely fantastic. I bet they’d be even better when the humidity is low and there’s no haze. We also drove down to the Cordell Hull Lock and Dam to check that out. Unfortunately, there was no one waiting to go through the lock so we didn’t get to see any action there.

TOTAL MILES TODAY: 192.4 TOTAL TIME: 3 ½ HOURS (with 15 minute rest stop/geocache break.)

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