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Mouth of Rappahannock River into the Chesapeake Bay

Osprey vs Eagle


Newport News Shipbuilding

Kenworth CDL test truck

Confusing dash

Our little man with JoJo's gloves & slippers on

Breakfast time

City Park boat hydroplane testing

Here comes Chris!

Grant with Daddy's helment

It's that time of year

While staying put in one place, we try to make the most of everyday. Every other day we go here and there with a healthy dose of doctor or infusion appointments in the mix; off days reading is one of our fondest past times.

As we approach Thanksgiving, there is much to be thankful for despite my affliction or how much I complain about the humidity:) Empowering ourselves daily to remain healthy is the focus. Daily walks have returned, Corky chooses to eat more appropriate serving sizes, and we continue to keep the spirits lifted.

The road calls us constantly! Recently, upon traveling to the mountain house, we returned home within 36 hours. Why, you say. It wasn't fun, that's why-too much work for the ole folks. So, guess what? The mountain house is officially for sale. Surely some hunters would be thrilled to have our cozy nest!

Never fear there are other roads in the Suffolk area that don't lead to work. Up until today we have experienced typical sunny fall weather with temps rising to 80! Over the river and through the woods we went to the Northern Neck of Virginia. The Northern neck comprises the western Chesapeake Bay boundary. Remember the east has some mighty rivers flowing into the Bay. The "neck" rivers are Tappahannock and Rappahannock.

It goes without saying we had to have some local seafood. Sure enough, broiled crab cake(it's easy to tell frozen vs fresh) sandwich and a crab salad were fresh and delicious.

In order to reach route 17 two rivers/peninsula areas had to be crossed-James and York rivers. All these waterways are worked by watermen. There is an interesting group of watermen who fish the York and Severn Rivers. The Guinea watermen are an isolated, hard scrabble group; marrying within the community, and retaining much of the pre-Revolutionary war culture of the British. It takes a bit of concentration to understand their form of "speak"-not unlike the inhabitants of Tangier Island.

The grands are always a delight. Jacob and oh, yes, his parents spent the week-end. He is all boy. My energy level is up now; I was able to keep up with him! Working on his vocabulary, Jacob can call "JoJo" easily. The girls had a special treat with my driving them to school one morning. I brought homemade pumpkin bread with me. Madeline says,"JoJo, mommy wants us to eat oatmeal". Not this AM, honey! Mommy had already left for a day of substitute teaching. The beauty of grandparenting-no rules, just right!

At the most recent oncology appointment, we received some milestone news. A blood test for tumor marking had decreased from 5.? to 1.5-evidence the poison is working!!!!!

Infusion day will be here all too soon followed by the REAL measure of progress-a CAT scan. Without the prayers and support of many, there would be less progress. THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Until the next writing, be thankful for your health, simple pleasures, and laughter!

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